The RunningMoms
 Wellness Training Academy
A Proven Holistic Wellness Training System for Moms Who Want to Find Balance in Running, Motherhood and Life While Learning to Train Strong, Curb Sugar Cravings, Rev Metabolism, Shed Fat and Power Up Their Performance...
without dieting, restricting or working out for more than 30 minutes per day!
Become a Fit, Lean and STRONG Mother Runner.
Do you want to be a fit, lean and strong runner?

Are you feeling lost, frustrated and helpless trying to find balance in the midst of motherhood, career and wanting to get back up and running STRONG?

Are you struggling to find the energy to get started or the motivation to keep going?

Are you running and running and running and NOT LOSING WEIGHT, maybe even gaining weight and still frustrated with your body, your cravings and your lack of energy?

Do you want to run STRONGER and FASTER???

The most common training error among female runners who want to get fit, lean, run strong and shed fat make is to think that running more and eating less is the best way to get results.


The Key Components of The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy
    I am going to teach you step by step, no gimmicks, no diets, no rules, no restrictions, how to NOURISH your running. I will coach you to 5k, 10k or 21k using my signature step by step system proven to get you fat loss and mileage results. You will learn exactly how to train STRONG, eat right and crush all your running, fitness and weight goals.

    Whether you had a baby 6 months ago or 6 years ago, if you want to lose weight, get lean, run strong and get back in control of your hunger and your cravings, this is for you.
    Physical Training

    You get to choose the program that is right for you based on your goals. You get access to 5k, 10k and 21k training plans to fit all levels of fitness. Each week you get an effective, at home high intensity runner focused strength, speed and core workouts to build lean muscle, burn fat and set you up to run STRONG. Each workout will take you less than 30 minutes. Your training needs all year will be covered totally taking the guess work out and keeping you moving all year long.

    You are going to learn to truly NOURISH your body at the cellular level. You are going to learn about macro nutrition, how to conquer your cravings, rev your metabolism and turn your body into a pro fat burner based on learning how to eat, when to eat and what to eat...without dieting or restricting!

    You will also learn how to eat to power up your workouts and facilitate your recovery for better training results.

    Tough training schedules and tough workouts for weeks at a time are hard on your body. To get faster, stronger, burn fat and stay injury free,  you must learn to  recover effectively from the hard efforts. Recovery strategies play just as critical a role in performance and fat burning as nailing key workouts and dialing in your nutrition. You are going to learn the impact of training on your fat burning hormones, why recovery matters to boost fat burn, strength and speed gains and how to dial in your sleep cycle and manage your fat storing hormones .
    This is What I know About You...
    •   You are feeling lost trying to find balance in running, career and all the responsibilities motherhood brings,
    •   You are always hungry but by about 9pm you are HANGRY and all the will power you had during the day is gone out the window. Late night binge eating any and everything is a regular thing.
    •  You've spent what feels like hours running at your steady pace or at the gym getting your cardio and emotional therapy fix on the elliptical striving to burn those calories. It feels good at first but really it is just leaving you tired, hungry, eating all the food, frustrated and gaining weight. YUCK!
    •  You are frustrated with your body, your hunger, your lack of energy and your lack of weight loss, maybe even weight gain.
    •  You do your best to eat less and work out more. Long cardio sessions and serious calorie restrictions is what you think you need to do to shed the weight but you are exhausted instead and the weight just isn't coming off!
    •  You’ve tried every diet under the sun, but always seem to end up sabotaging yourself, giving into the cravings, falling back into old habits and winding up right back where you started.
    •  Even though you know what you should be doing, you can’t seem to eat “clean” consistently. You have a few good days or weeks and then cravings hit, willpower goes out the door and you cave into old bad habits.

    •  Because of what you put in your mouth, your mood slumps, you feel guilty, hopeless and ashamed. That feels awful.

    •  You are skipping meals because you are so busy.
    •  If you are home with the kids, your meals consist of scraps you get grazing off their leftovers.
    •  Your belly bloats, you feel gross.
    •  You have no energy, you are getting sick all the time and you have no interest in sex at all.
    •  You've had some success, but overall you feel depleted, overwhelmed, unsexy and out of control

    •  You want a simple plan and strategy that works not an intense, fad diet, gimmick or another set of confusing diet rules and restrictions that give you anxiety.
    •  You desperately want to feel feel back in control of your food, your cravings and your health.
      Hi, I'm Carey and I am so happy we are finally meeting!!!

      First of all I just want to say that there is no shame in wanting to run strong, feel sexy, fit, lean, fast and to crave to push your body to log more miles after babies while also wanting to lose that frustrating and embarrassing baby weight.

      I'm a physiotherapist, holistic running and wellness coach, outdoor and essential oils addict, mom of 2 and adventurer. I have been the girl who ran and ran and worried about calories, binge eating late at night and grazing on carbs all day, feeling exhausted, irritable and confused and anxious about food. So, I learned about food and how to use it to NOURISH my life and I am fitter, faster, stronger, healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life! Now I train other women how to train strong, eat right and NOURISH their bodies with real food (NO B.S. gimmicks or diets) so they can stop wasting time worrying about food and they can get back to living the EPIC life they were meant to be living.

      You see, what most other running plans don't consider is the physical training needed to run strong and build lean muscle, the science based nutritional strategies to help you eat right to curb sugar cravings, shed fat and boost performance AND the mindset work and habits of success required to get started and to keep it up without getting overwhelmed and quitting.

      Everywhere you look, all the run "experts" are shouting at you to "just run MORE!"... "Log more miles!"... "Get out and do it!"



      What's Included in the RunningMoms Training Academy?
      •  12 Video Lessons to help you learn to balance your hormones and get into fat burning mode so you can train strong CRUSH all your running and life goals. These go along with each week of training on topics ranging from strength, core work, conquering cravings, the blood sugar story for fat loss, gut health, adrenal fatigue, juicy self care, mindful eating, portion control and more! Unlimited access for 1 year!!!
      •  Access to the 5k, 10k and 21k training program vault. These are 12 week training plans to help you build distance but complete with high intensity interval training workouts to help you shred calories and rev metabolism, speed burst interval training sessions to get fast and shed fat, coreFIT workouts designed for mother runners specifically to POWER up and the endurance progressions required to hit your distance goal in stride. Unlimited access for 1 year!!!
      •   Access to the Power Recipes for Runners Vault.  This is so you always have recipes and meal plans at your finger tips to make food planning and prep easy. The vault includes meals, smoothies and power snacks on the go. Unlimited access for 1 year!!!
      •   Access to Monthly Nutrition and Mindset Challenges for Success for 1 year. These challenges will keep you taking action all year long, help you maintain focus and make the positive behavior changes that will get you running strong and feeling amazing.
      •   Weekly Training Workouts for Members Only - This is exclusive to the members of the RunningMoms Training Academy ONLY. Each and every week you get a high intensity, speed and core workout for mother runners. Also included are any weekly challenges for the group.
      •   Exclusive Access the RunningMoms Members ONLY Membership Site. Unlimited access for 1 year!!!
      •   12 Month Access to my Inner Circle and Private RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy Tribe for MEMBERS ONLY  to offer you support, motivation and constant inspiration to keep you going!!! From personal experience, a PAID community is 10x more engaging and valuable for support then the free ones...sorry but its true. We will basically get to hang out everyday and become training buddies even though we may be 1000's of km apart. I love the community of this tribe more than anything!!! Priceless.
      • 12 Month Access to a monthly Facebook LIVE Q&A. Since the entire membership is housed on Facebook - you'll get to hang out with me on a monthly Q&A call where you can ask ANYTHING! We'll post the date in advance, and you can ask questions whether you're live or not!
      •  Access to the RunningMoms Exclusive Interview Series with Health Experts on all the topics Mother Runners want to know about...nutrition, gut health, sleep, fat loss, strength training, injury prevention and more!!!!!
      Wait...there's more!!!


      Interview Series featuring:
      Jenn Pike
      Holistic Nutrition, Women's Health & Hormone Expert
      Running, Hormones, Weight Loss, Burn Out
      & Finding Balance
      Dr. Laura Anderson
      Naturopathic Doctor
      Running, Adrenal Fatigue and Recovery Essentials

      Sara Best
      Nutrition and Food Mindset Coach
      Learn to Change Your Brain to Change Your Body
      Robyn Srigley
      "The Hormone Diva"
      Cravings, Calories and Cardio
      What Makes the RunningMoms Training Academy Different Than Every Other Program Out There???

      • You will NOT just learn to run, run, run and eat less.
      •  You will incorporate strategic and cutting edge, effective strength, speed and core training workouts as you build distance to build lean muscle, boost strength and burn more calories!
      •  You will learn about real nutrition for hungry runners based on the science of blood sugars, hormones and macro nutrition strategies so you are eating lots of NOURISHING food while burning fat and not letting cravings rule you.
      •  I will teach you that cravings are not your fault and we will make nutritional adjustments to crush them!
      •  You will not diet, restrict, calorie count or obsess about food.
      •  Your perspective on food will shift and ultimately improve your running, life and happiness!
      •  We will dive into the mindset habits of high performance success. This is deep but we need to go here if you are serious about getting fit, lean and running strong.
      •  This isn’t a short-term solution; it’s the real way to learn to run strong, NOURISH yoru running from the inside out and get sustainable long term strength and weight loss gains with patience, self love and persistence.

       Additional Perks...
      A tribe of high achieving moms serious about getting their health back on track to surround yourself with, unlimited access to training programs, workouts, meal plans, power recipes and so so so much more!!!!
      PLUS These Limited Time Amazing Bonuses...
      BONUS #1: Runner's Nutrient Timing Guide
      This guide lays it all out so you know exactly what to eat before your workouts and after yoru workouts for MAXIMUM results and energy. It includes my favorite post workout smoothie recipe and debunks the carb myth for runners!
      BONUS #2: The 28 Day Runners Fat Burning Meal Plan and Recipe Guide
      One of the biggest questions I get from moms is what to eat for maximum power and maximum results. You want to slim down and feel great, but figuring out what to cook and when to find time to do it can be tough.

      That's why I'm including this Running on Real Food meal plan and recipe guide as a special gift... absolutely free! Get delicious meals you can make ahead of time that the whole family can enjoy!
      BONUS #3: Good Running Form Video Training Series
      Boost your running performance and reduce injuries by learning to run with good form and alignment from head to toe. This is an 8 part video series that will get you running stronger fast.
      This Program is Totally FOR You If:
      • You want to start running and lose weight at the same time but you have no idea where to start.

      •   You are sick of running and running and running and not seeing results.
      •   You need to run but you do not have hours to train.

      •   You want to run faster and stronger but you are stuck.
      •   You want to have a toolbox of simple, yet powerful, strategies that actually work to curb the carb cravings, stop emotional eating and late night binging habits and rev your metabolism.

      •   You're sick of all the diet B.S. and you want to be empowered NOT restricted.
      •   You want to stop feeling like a failure every time you commit to staying on track and then end up giving in to your cravings and falling back into old habits.
      •   You are ready to focus on food as fuel as part of the training plan.
      •   You want to feel amazing about the way you look and feel.
      • You want guidance, accountability, support and community and you are willing to take a year to put in the action that will get you lasting results.
      This Program is Totally NOT For You If:
      •   You want to keep running long distances slow, steady and exhausted without adding strength and speed training.
      •    You enjoy depriving yourself, skipping meals and binging on Oreo's.
      •    You are already running fit, lean, strong and energized.

      •    You want another quick fix diet plan that will get you results overnight without putting any work in.  

      •   You already know exactly how to eat to fuel your runs, you don't crave carbs all day long and you are already burning fat all day long (and your body composition and weight are exactly where you want it). 
      •    You think you know everything there is to know about running strong, eating right and you do not think you could benefit from a supportive team, knowledgeable coach and community.

      •    You aren't willing to prioritize your health or put any time into getting fitter, leaner and faster.

      •    You have medical issues that prevent you from changing the way you eat (of course you should consult your health practitioner before starting ANY new diet or exercise regime). 

      •   You think you can do this alone.

      Here is what others are saying:
      "My clothes fit better, I have way more energy and I can literally feel my body changing day to day." - Erin
      "VERY EXCITED!!! Fastest 5km EVER!!!!
      Carey, your program and encouragement is amazing and just what I needed to push myself, thank you!!!" - Katie
      "I noticed today that the walk which normally has me winded does not anymore or not AS winded....
      also I felt better walking, not so sore etc. Might have something to do with the 5 lbs that vanished off my body in the last two weeks!!!" - April
      "Thanks to this running moms group, I have lost 15 lbs so far because of the motivation, tips and training ideas from this group. I feel so good!!! - Jamie
      "Carey, your training programs have gotten me so far and I have the confidence now to know that any pace, time, distance is achievable! I'm stronger and healthier than ever and love it. Your programs and awesome groups are a part of my daily life now and I have met so many amazing people through them. The support is incredible!! - Kari
      "Another thing that makes this group unique is the mixture of women learning from each other. We all have so much to teach and learn. I have not seen a person in this group who isn’t serious about their health. This tribe is 100% in it to support one another in reaching their goals while working on their own. This is a great group of women to be a part of." Krissy

        The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy Enrollment
        Includes 1 Year Access to the RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy
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        One Yearly Payment of
        Today Only $199

        (SAVE $200 - REGULAR PRICE $399)
        Low Monthly
        12 Equal Payments of
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        Frequently Asked Questions
        Yes, I need this. What happens next?

        YAY! That's so exciting! Once you click the BUY NOW button you'll be taken over to my secure server to complete your purchase. You will receive an email with your welcome and next steps right away so watch your inbox! You'll have everything you need to start immediately and you can go at your own pace. I'll just be an email away if you have any questions at all.  I'll also send you the link to join a private Facebook community where I hang out and help my clients run through the program. We all start together.
         I want to be a runner. Is this a good place to get started?  

        OMG! I am so happy we have connected! This is absolutely the right place for you. This program will get your running, strong and eating right for ultimate success.  You will be up to 5k with the support of our community cheering you on every step of the way! 

         I just had a baby, is this program right for me?   

        Yes, but your physical training pan may look a little differently. Anyone who joins and is less than 6 months postpartum should choose the STRENGTH ONLY training option 1 - 3 months and get strong and re-connected to yoru core before any running. I created all of the programs with mamma's in mind and you will want my signature coreFIT workout system to specifically get you reconnected to your core  and ready to run again! I also recommend you see a  pelvic health physiotherapist if you have nay questions before getting started. I am a physiotherapist and can consult with you but not assess and manage any specific issues.
        I am already following a free training program, how is this different?

        This is totally different. This program teaches you how to eat and gives you the exact strength training component you need to run strong and get fit and lean. I have programs ready and waiting for every level of runner to get you to 5k, 10k or 21k while shedding fat and being there to coach you every step of the way.
         I am really busy, how much time will this take?

        The recipes are easy and designed with power packed ingredients you can generally get at your local grocery store. I don't spend hours in the kitchen and neither should you! As for the training, all the strength and speed workouts are less than 30 minutes and ultra effective at burning calories, rev'ing metabolism for up to 48 hours after you are done working out to help you build lean, sexy muscle in no time. As I say to anyone wanting to run fit, lean, strong and shed fat, you will get back what you put in but you do not have to spend hours working out everyday. If you are time crunched, I specifically recommend following any of the 5k plans or the STRENGTH ONLY plans. One of my training principles is "QUALITY OVER QUANTITY." When it comes to running and weight loss for time crunched moms, less is more when you have a good workout plan and a solid understanding of how to eat.
        Will I have to cut out carbs, sugars or anything else?

        OMG, absolutely NOOOOOO!!!! You are a runner and you need to eat girl!!! I will teach you about macro nutrients though and how to balance yoru blood sugars with real food, and lots of it. No restrictions or eliminations (unless medically required but that is up to you) and you'll even be eating formerly forbidden foods like fats,  butter, beef, bacon and eggs and feeling awesome!!!
         Do I have to count, track or measure my food or calories?

        Hell no. That kind of behavior fuels anxiety and eating disorders. I am going to teach you how to eat with mindfulness, tune into your bodies own natural hunger cues and confidently knowing exactly how to give it the right nutrients, in the right amounts at the right time. You will learn to love food and what fills you up leaving you energized and happy so you can stop falling back into old eating habits that leave you exhausted, feeling guilty and irritable.
         I do not see any testimonials of pre and post weight loss pictures. Why?

        I do not measure you and I really find pre and post pictures missing the point. Focusing on the number on the scale and longing for the body you don't have only holds you back from nourishing the body you have right now. Yes, I want you to shed fat and look good good in your bathing suit but what I REALLY want is that by the end of this program you are running strong, feeling confident, empowered and back in control of your health. I want you feeling free from food guilt and sugar cravings. I want your metabolism boosted and you naturally reaching for foods that NOURISH you from the inside out. That kind of thing is hard to photograph. When you can confidently do all of these things, the weight will come off and you will look sexy and strong again, regardless of what the scale says.
        Will I lose weight in 12 weeks?

        I know how badly you want to shed that frustrating weight but weight is just one measure of yoru success in this program. If you follow the workouts and learn to eat, your body composition will absolutely change. Some people will see drastic results quickly, others will take more time. Each and every person who comes into this program is unique. The skills I teach you are based on science and absolutely work if you put the work in with the right mindset and focus.
        What if I am recovering from an injury?
        The nutrition and fat loss portion of the program can be done while on the injured roster and will actually help you heal faster. IF you are returning after injury, I am a physiotherapist so I can help you re-set yoru goals, choose the right plan but you must get cleared by your doctor and continue treatment by your local health team. The programs are all built to focus on strength and nutrition and lesson distance so this may be the exact return to running program you need when you are ready.
        I am already training for a longer race, will this help me?

        YES. If you are simply running and running  this is the perfect way yo ad the strength and speed sessions you need to yoru training. The nutrition coaching component will benefit any runner, or anyone really.

        What Should You Expect As  Result of Completing
        The The Running Moms Training Academy?
        To feel like a runner.

        To confidently know how to fuel your body effectively to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

        To understand how to eat right and train effectively to burn fat all day naturally. 

        To increase your metabolism, curb your carb cravings and feel back in control of your food and your life.

         To love how smart, effective and efficient strength and speed sessions make you feel, how they change your body composition and how they make you a better runner.

        You will leave the The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy feeling leaner, stronger, healthier, happier and more energetic than you've ever felt in your whole life.

        You will leave the The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy with the tools you need to run strong and injury free for a lifetime.

        "Before I Found RunningMoms, I Was Just Logging Tons and Tons of Miles..."
        - Filomena

        "This Year I've Been Able to PR in My 5k and My 10k Time..."
        - Jess

        Crush your cravings, end your energy crashes, shed fat and boost performance when you learn to train strong, eat right and NOURISH your body from the inside out.

        Join the RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy Today.
        • The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy ($997 Value)
        •  Expert Interview Series ($397)
        •   RunningMoms Expert Interview Series ($197 Value) 
        • Runner's Nutrient Timing Guide ($29 Value)
        •  Training Program Vault ($97 Value)
        •  Power Recipe Vault ($27)
        •  Good Form Series ($27)
        •  Monthly Q & A Coaching Sessions ($499)
        •  12 Months Access to the Private Facebook Training Community...priceless!!!
        Total Value: $2270
        The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy Enrollment
        Includes 1 Year Access to the RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy

        Enrollment is NOW OPEN and spaces are almost gone!!!

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        Once you sign up, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the MEMBERS ONLY training site and the Training Tribe of Mother Runners just like you!

        See you on the inside.
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